Wall Cappings: Diverse Styles & Nationwide Delivery

wall cappings

We specialise in providing top-quality wall cappings in Ireland.  Our extensive range, including limestone and natural stone options, caters to various architectural styles. We pride ourselves on offering not just products, but complete solutions that include nationwide delivery and bespoke services. Wall Capping Essentials: Why Choose Loughrey Stoneworks? Wall cappings play a crucial role in […]

Capping a Wall with Traditional Irish Stone Techniques

Capping a Wall

Ireland, with its rolling landscapes and historic charm, has long been a land where nature and architecture intertwine seamlessly. At the heart of this architectural legacy lies the rich history of stonework, a craft that has been honed and perfected over centuries. From the ancient stone circles of County Kerry to the robust walls of […]

Limestone Wall Cappings: The Perfect Finish for Irish Stone Walls

Wall cappings, though often overlooked, play a pivotal role in the realm of architecture. Serving both functional and aesthetic purposes, they are the crowning touch to walls, providing protection against the elements and adding a refined finish. Just as a well-chosen hat can elevate an outfit, the right wall capping can enhance the overall appearance […]