Installation Guide for Limestone Window Sills

Loughrey Stoneworks

Introduction to Limestone Window Sills Limestone window sills offer a blend of natural beauty and durability, making them an ideal choice for any home. Preparing for Installation Proper preparation is key to a successful installation of limestone window sills. Begin by carefully measuring the window area to ensure that your new sills will fit perfectly. […]

Natural Stone Paving Slabs: Quality Patios in Ireland

Exploring the Beauty of Natural Stone Paving Natural stone paving stands as a testament to durability and aesthetic appeal. It transforms outdoor areas into elegant spaces. From limestone paving to granite, the variety is vast. Each slab brings its unique texture and color, blending seamlessly with nature. Ideal for patios and pathways, it elevates garden […]

What Colour is Limestone: Exploring Its Diverse Palette

what colour is limestone

Welcome to Loughrey Stoneworks, let us look into the colour of limestone! Our focus today is on limestone, a highly valued sedimentary rock used in various applications, from pier caps to majestic building facades. Let’s explore the world of limestone, its colors, formation, and why it’s a top choice for architects and homeowners alike. Brief […]

Limestone Paving Slabs | Quality Stone In Stock | Delivered Nationwide

Limestone Paving Slabs

Loughrey Stoneworks: Ireland’s Premier Source for Limestone Paving At Loughrey Stoneworks, we pride ourselves on supplying top-quality limestone paving slabs across Ireland. Our extensive range includes natural stone products suited to the Irish climate, ensuring durability and elegance for your outdoor spaces. Limestone Paving: A Touch of Elegance for Your Patio Our limestone paving collection […]

Unearthed Beauty: The Geological Birthplace of Kilkenny Blue Limestone

Kilkenny Blue Limestone is not just another stone; it’s a symbol of timeless elegance and durability, revered in the stonemasonry world. Nestled within the lush landscapes of Ireland are geological wonders that have, over millennia, culminated in the birth of this distinct and beautiful stone. With its deep, rich hues and intricate patterns, Kilkenny Blue […]

Capping a Wall with Traditional Irish Stone Techniques

Capping a Wall

Ireland, with its rolling landscapes and historic charm, has long been a land where nature and architecture intertwine seamlessly. At the heart of this architectural legacy lies the rich history of stonework, a craft that has been honed and perfected over centuries. From the ancient stone circles of County Kerry to the robust walls of […]

Limestone Wall Cappings: The Perfect Finish for Irish Stone Walls

Wall cappings, though often overlooked, play a pivotal role in the realm of architecture. Serving both functional and aesthetic purposes, they are the crowning touch to walls, providing protection against the elements and adding a refined finish. Just as a well-chosen hat can elevate an outfit, the right wall capping can enhance the overall appearance […]

Limestone Building Stone and its Role in Modern Irish Construction


In the realm of architecture and construction, there are countless materials that compete for the top spot in terms of popularity and utility. Amidst this crowd stands a timeless contender – limestone building stone. Particularly in Ireland, the stone has garnered immense respect and prominence. But why does limestone enjoy such esteem in the modern […]

Usages for Black Limestone Reclaimed

Black Limestone Reclaimed

Black limestone reclaimed is a versatile and captivating natural stone that has gained popularity for its aesthetic appeal and durability. Its distinct dark hue and unique texture make it a preferred choice for various applications, ranging from home interiors and exteriors to construction projects. In this article, we will delve into the various usages of […]

Pier Cappings: Building With Limestone Rough Edge

Exploring the Everlasting Charm of Limestone Pier Cappings for Construction When it comes to construction materials that stand strong over time, limestone stands out among the rest. Few things bring that rugged beauty and lasting power quite like limestone pier cappings. Let’s dig into the world of rough-edged limestone pier cappings and uncover what makes […]