Galway Granite Cut


Stone Size: 450mm
Ton Bag 1,000Kg

For usage as a finishing stone for your home, walls or general construction.

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Galway Granite Cut: A Testament to Timeless Strength and Elegance

Galway Granite Cut offers a unique blend of durability and natural beauty, making it an ideal choice for those looking to enhance their construction projects with the timeless appeal of granite.

Available in ton bags of 1,000Kg, with an average stone size of 450mm, this granite variety is meticulously cut to meet the high standards of modern construction needs.

Whether used as a finishing stone for homes, in wall constructions, or for general construction purposes, Galway Granite Cut stands out for its resilience and aesthetic appeal.

Precision-Cut for Refined Aesthetics

Each piece of Galway Granite Cut undergoes a precise cutting process to ensure uniformity in size and shape, making it a perfect fit for a wide range of design projects. This meticulous attention to detail results in a refined finish that enhances the natural beauty of the granite, allowing for seamless integration into both contemporary and traditional architectural designs. The polished elegance of Galway Granite Cut elevates the overall look of any space it adorns.

Unrivaled Durability for Lasting Structures

Renowned for its hardness and resistance to abrasion, Galway Granite Cut is an exemplary choice for areas subjected to heavy use or harsh weather conditions. Its ability to withstand the test of time without losing its aesthetic charm makes it a practical and reliable material for both interior and exterior applications. Investing in Galway Granite Cut means choosing a material that will maintain its integrity and appearance for generations to come.

Versatility in Application

Galway Granite Cut’s versatility extends beyond its use as a finishing stone. Its strength and beauty make it suitable for a variety of construction projects, including paving, cladding, and landscaping. This granite can be incorporated into design elements such as countertops, fireplaces, and garden paths, offering endless possibilities for enhancing the functionality and aesthetic value of any project.

Natural Harmony with the Environment

Incorporating Galway Granite Cut into construction and design projects fosters a connection with the natural world. Its earthy tones and textured surface harmonize with the landscape, providing a sense of balance and tranquility. This granite not only complements the natural surroundings but also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the built environment.

Nationwide Delivery for Seamless Project Execution

Loughrey Stoneworks is dedicated to making high-quality Galway Granite Cut accessible to projects across the nation with our efficient nationwide delivery service. We ensure that our clients receive this exquisite granite in perfect condition, ready to enhance their construction or renovation projects.

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Weight 1000 kg