Leitrim Sandstone Split


Stone Size: 450mm
Ton Bag 1,000Kg

Leitrim Stone is a very popular choice of sandstone used in modern construction projects throughout Ireland

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Leitrim Sandstone Split: The Essence of Irish Craftsmanship and Natural Beauty

Leitrim Sandstone Split, renowned for its popularity in modern construction projects across Ireland, combines the timeless appeal of sandstone with the unmatched craftsmanship synonymous with Irish stonework.

Available in ton bags of 1,000Kg and with a stone size of approximately 450mm, this sandstone variant brings a piece of Ireland’s natural splendor to any construction or design project.

Whether used as a finishing touch for homes, in wall construction, or general construction, Leitrim Sandstone Split embodies durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal.

A Reflection of Natural Elegance

Leitrim Sandstone Split showcases a range of warm, earthy tones that seamlessly blend with any setting. Its split texture adds depth and character to surfaces, making it a favorite among architects and homeowners looking to infuse their projects with natural beauty and a sense of authenticity. The unique color variations and textures ensure that each installation is one-of-a-kind, offering an exclusive look and feel.

Unparalleled Durability for Enduring Structures

The inherent strength and resilience of Leitrim Sandstone Split make it an ideal choice for Irish weather conditions and beyond. Its ability to withstand the test of time, resisting wear from weather and daily use, guarantees that structures not only stand strong but also maintain their aesthetic integrity over the years. This sandstone’s durability ensures that investments in construction are lasting and worthwhile.

Versatile Applications to Suit Any Project

Leitrim Sandstone Split’s adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential to commercial projects. Its robustness and aesthetic qualities make it a perfect fit for exterior facades, garden walls, interior features, and landscaping elements. The versatility of Leitrim Sandstone Split allows for creative freedom in design, making it possible to achieve various architectural styles and visions.

Harmonizing with the Irish Landscape

Integrating Leitrim Sandstone Split into construction projects allows for a harmonious connection with the Irish landscape. Its natural appearance and texture pay homage to Ireland’s rugged countryside, bringing a piece of the country’s heritage into urban and rural developments alike. This sandstone enhances the beauty of its surroundings, creating a seamless transition between man-made structures and the natural world.

Streamlined Nationwide Delivery for Your Projects

Loughrey Stoneworks is committed to providing easy access to Leitrim Sandstone Split through our efficient nationwide delivery service. We ensure that our clients receive this premium sandstone promptly and in excellent condition, facilitating a smooth and successful start to any construction or renovation project.

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