Reclaimed Dublin Calp Limestone


Ton Bag 1,000Kg

Calp is a strong and robust stone that has plenty of character. Perfect for new builds and restoration projects.

For usage as a finishing stone for your home, walls or general construction.

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Reclaimed Dublin Calp Limestone: A Robust Choice for Construction and Restoration

Reclaimed Dublin Calp Limestone stands out as a premium choice for both new builds and restoration projects. Weighing in at 1,000Kg per ton bag, this strong and robust stone brings character to any construction or home finishing project. Its durability and unique aesthetics make it an ideal finishing stone for homes, walls, and general construction needs.

Perfect Blend of Strength and Character

Calp limestone, known for its robustness, ensures longevity and resilience in construction. Its distinctive character adds a touch of elegance and historical value, making it perfect for restoration projects aiming to preserve the charm of the past.

Nationwide Delivery for Your Convenience

Loughrey Stoneworks ensures hassle-free procurement of Reclaimed Dublin Calp Limestone with our nationwide delivery service. Whether you’re constructing a new home or restoring an ancient building, we deliver right to your doorstep, making the process as convenient as possible.

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Weight 1000 kg