Tipperary Sandstone Random


Stone Size: 450mm
Ton Bag 1,000Kg

For usage as a finishing stone for your home, walls or general construction.

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Tipperary Sandstone Random: A Harmony of Natural Beauty and Robustness

Tipperary Sandstone Random emerges as a premier choice for those seeking a blend of natural aesthetics and enduring strength in their construction materials.

Offered in ton bags weighing 1,000Kg, with an average stone size of 450mm, this sandstone variant captures the essence of the Irish landscape, making it ideal for use as a finishing stone in homes, wall construction, or general construction projects.

Its versatility and distinctive appearance make it a valuable addition to any architectural endeavor.

Captivating Natural Aesthetics

Tipperary Sandstone Random showcases a spectrum of earthy tones that add warmth and character to any space. Each stone carries unique patterns, ensuring that no two projects will look exactly the same. This uniqueness contributes to the creation of personalized and inviting environments, whether in residential settings or commercial constructions.

Unmatched Durability for Every Application

Known for its strength and resistance to the elements, Tipperary Sandstone Random provides a durable solution for both indoor and outdoor applications. Its ability to withstand varying weather conditions without losing its aesthetic appeal makes it a wise choice for those looking to invest in long-lasting beauty and functionality.

Versatility in Design and Use

The adaptability of Tipperary Sandstone Random to various design styles and construction needs makes it an invaluable resource for architects and builders alike. Whether it’s enhancing the facade of a home, constructing sturdy walls, or being integrated into general construction projects, this sandstone offers endless possibilities for creative and practical applications.

Seamless Integration with Natural Landscapes

Incorporating Tipperary Sandstone Random into architectural projects allows for a natural blend with the surrounding environment. Its organic texture and coloration enhance the landscape, promoting a sense of harmony and balance between man-made structures and nature.

Nationwide Delivery for Convenience and Efficiency

Loughrey Stoneworks is dedicated to providing top-quality materials like Tipperary Sandstone Random to projects across the nation through our reliable nationwide delivery service. We ensure that our clients receive their materials in optimal condition, ready to bring their architectural visions to life.

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Weight 1000 kg